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Find your family history - Census and Parish Records


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Hints: Enter all your search criteria just as you would in an Internet search engine, e.g. if you want to find Eric White in London type eric white london.
You can also use wildcards (*) at the end of a forename or surname, e.g. entering jon* price would find Jon Price, Jonathan Price, Jonas Price, etc.

If you would like to search on a specific set of records, please use the Search our Databases link on the left.



FHS Online brings together data from Family History Societies across the UK and makes it available to family historians and genealogists researching their family trees.

Societies interested in publishing their data on this site should read the about us page.

Today we have 66 databases online: 49 are free to use and 17 require a small subscription fee. To access free databases, please register or log in.

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